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Renowned brand Sunflower International has been a big player in the wedding stationery industry for more than a decade. Participating in international fairs such as the World Paper Fair in Frankfurt Germany has garnered them plenty of recognition in the European market. Suffice to say Sunflower has come a long way, out of passion and respect for professionalism.

When you walk past Sunflower’s store your eye will be glued to the array of beautiful and intricate card designs displayed in the window. It’s intimidatingly charming, and beautiful. But as soon as a customer decides to take on Sunflower’s designs, they’ll never leave disappointed. 

Sunflower also has a selection of other wedding bits, namely wedding favors, gift packaging, ang pows, ang pow boxes and Green (eco-friendly) cards. Jeffri Lim of Sunflower International tells ChiqWeddings:


Wedding favors: We launched the wedding favor concept 15 years ago. In those days you rarely see anyone using wedding favors, except for slices of wedding cake in a little box. We got the idea from Europe and developed it from there. Today it’s become quite the norm, even Chinese restaurants are including them in their wedding packages. Wedding favors are now creative, elaborate and much more personalized. We haven't put up many pictures of our wedding favors, but you can always come in for a chat and we'll help you get the kind of favors you want!


Gift Packaging: So far, the gift packaging designs we’re requested to make are for pendrives, keychains, pens, and even teddy bears! Couples can custom-make the gift packaging to suit their wedding theme or go with the range we already have.


Ang Pows: Did you know that a typical Chinese wedding uses an average of 150 ang pow packets? But the funny thing is many of them use the “Gong Hei Fatt Choy” Chinese New Year red packets which banks give out for free! How ridiculous is that? So we created special multipurpose ang pow packets which you can use to congratulate anyone, be it a wedding, university graduate, job promotion or even for newborn babies. I think it’s a practical thing, to give money at weddings. In Asian culture couples prefer receiving money rather than gifts. 


Ang Pow Boxes: I came up with the idea of creating a box for guests to drop their ang pows into. When your guests arrive, it will be messy at the reception desk. There is bound to be a few ang pows missing here and there, especially when your guests don’t know who to pass it to. Money packets go missing or mistakenly kept by other guests. So one of the proper ways to contain this and to make sure everything runs smoothly is to come up with a box to put at the table where people formally come to register, sign the guest book and drop in the money packet so everything is accounted for. At the end of the day, the wedded couple settles the bill in cash, so it’s much easier if the money collected is in one box.

Although we developed the idea of ang pow collection boxes, it’s not a big money-maker. But I believe it helps make weddings stress-free when it comes to accountability of the money packets. 


Green Cards: Because we use a lot of paper, we encourage recycling. We created a new range of wedding cards using recycled paper. A lot of young couples want to be eco friendly so this is an option for them. It’s not that popular yet but it’s catching on. We realize the need and we want to satisfy the consumer requests. However, the eco cards aren’t as strong as ordinary cards; they are bleached dry and compressed. So in terms of embossing and others, they may not be as crispy, prim and sturdy. Eco cards are a little harder to work with, in terms of intricacy. And because the process of making the recycled paper costs a lot, recycled invitation cards would cost more than normal invitation cards. There is a misconception that recycled paper is made from dirty rubbish, but that’s not true. They are clean papers… office papers, papers which are recycled from offices and homes.

Note: Images found on Sunflower's websites are only a small selection of Sunflower's portfolio. Visit Sunflower today and book an appointment!



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