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Every successful wedding planner knows that every wedding detail counts; from the bride's dress right down to the type of wedding invitation cards sent out. But what if the bride plans to deal with these details herself? How could she possibly know who to turn to for great wedding invites?

That's where Sunflower Paper Passion & Things Sdn Bhd comes in. Sunflower is a premium brand for greeting cards, wedding invitation cards, wedding accessories, and so on. In fact, you could regard Sunflower as an industry leader in the world of paper craft, having represented Malaysia at the Paper World trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany for the last 14 years.
Sunflower has so far carved out wedding invitations for people from all walks of life, from young yuppie couples to the extravagant and the affluent, and for all types of weddings. 


Once again, Chiqweddings caught up with Jeffri Lim, Managing Director of Sunflower Paper Passion & Things, to find out the various business opportunities that its franchise now has to offer:
What鈥檚 the difference between micro and shop franchise?

For one, the shop franchise is costly and you need to actually have a shop. The location must also be agreeable to both the franchisor and franchisee. This usually will be formalized via a survey for project viability. The micro franchisee can work either full-time or part-time. More importantly, they can work from comforts of their own home or office. But in terms of product range, it's a little limited compared to a shop franchise.

Customization work in the areas of greeting cards, weddings, gift packaging etc. is an important part of the business. Also, the shop franchise will enjoy rebates from bonus goods/trade-offs and special stock clearance prices. There will be a complete listing of the address and contact e-mails for the shop franchisees on our advertisements, web portals, printed matter and website.


Who are your potential franchisees?

If you're looking for something that's fun, easy and extremely profitable, this business is definitely up your alley.

Anyone from parents purchasing a ready business for their children, fresh graduates aspiring to be entrepreneurs, young and energetic retirees, people who are passion-driven with creative interests, bridal shop owners, government servants, part-timers, housewives and stay-at-home mothers, retirees, school leavers seeking self-employment... the list is endless really!

At Sunflower, we take steps to ensure the prospective franchisee pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship, especially if it's something that they are really passionate about.

What are your Unique Selling Propositions (USP)?
Where do we start? There's an unbeatable business format (powered by Sunflower Paper Passion & Things Sdn Bhd); a proven operating system; the power of our national and international image and brand SUNFLOWER; a comprehensive training program, the ongoing support of an established brand and organization; a unique and niche business with less competition; a great location for our central showroom at IKANO Power Centre in Mutiara Damansara (safe and convenient for outstation & working franchisees); strong advertising and promotion budget and support; and last but not least, our top-ranking website www.sunflowercreative.com where our wide range of products can be readily ordered at a click of the mouse...

The best part is that the demand for this kind of business is endless, simply because weddings will never go out of fashion. And most people are willing to spend that little extra, especially since it's perceived to be a once-in-a-lifetime affair.

What qualifications does SUNFLOWER seek in its potential franchisees?

The right candidate should possess the following qualities:
路  High personal integrity
路  Entrepreneur spirit and a strong desire to succeed
路  Proven ability to motivate and train
路  Willingness to personally devote time and efforts to the day-to-day operations of the outlet
路  Ability to manage finances
路  Willingness to participate in training programs
路  Financial capability to finance the franchise

Last Words

These days, couples spare no expense when it comes to planning and executing extravagant nuptial celebrations, and invitations are no exception. The number of orders can range from anywhere between 500 to 1000 invites per wedding. Multiply that by the number of weddings in Malaysia per year, and the wedding business here can easily become a multi-billion-ringgit industry!

Let's not forget that today's consumers are more Internet-savvy. They rely on social media and other online resources to gather information about vendors and products. For leading wedding invitation-printing and favours businesses, a vibrant online presence isn鈥檛 a cutting-edge business strategy 鈥 it is a standard practice.


So if you are interested to start a wedding printing business, it鈥檚 essential that you speak to somebody who is already in the business. A healthy and safer strategy may be to purchase an existing wedding invitation franchise business. Most notably, a wedding invitation business franchise includes more than just assets 鈥 a brand identity comes together with the franchise, and this lets you avoid the trial-and-error mistakes that are common in starting a new business. Starting a business is not easy, not even for experienced entrepreneurs. If you haven鈥檛 owned a business before, the odds are stacked against you even more. Across industries, franchise start-ups tend to fare better than independent start-ups because of the experiences and resources available to them. 

Check out Sunflower on Chiqweddings.com.



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